The following disclosure log provides links to copies of FOI requests we've received and our subsequent responses:



FOI04421 Child Protection - Referred to Social Services, Devon County Council.
FOI04422 Business rates
FOI04417 Business rates
FOI04411 Food business register  Information
FOI04389 Facilities management  Information
FOI04348 Parking contracts 
FOI04384 Paper
FOI04396 Public Health contacts
FOI04400 Empty homes  Survey table
FOI04397 Business rates

Data Protection breaches      Information

FOI04425 Prior notifications
FOI04427 Business rates
FOI04410 Non domestic care incidents
FOI04413 Payments to beneficiaries
FOI04404 Business rates  Part1   Part2
FOI04433 Allegations against employees of Nurseries

Education and Transport - Referred to Devon County Council, Social Services and Highway Departments.

FOI04403 Compulsory purchase orders
FOI04405 Public Health funerals
FOI04406 Pubic Health funerals
FOI04407 Solar farms
FOI04414 Prospect PS Limited
FOI04415 Primary schools
FOI04223 Tenants rental payments
FOI04224 LA-PPC and LA-IPPC Processes

Human Resources - Planning & Building Control

Information 1  2 3 4 5 6 7

FOI04441 Public or welfare funerals
FOI04447 Planning
FOI04448 Housing calendar
FOI04412 Dog breeding establishments  Inf1 Inf2
FOI04442 Homelessness
FOI04453 Schools
FOI04416 Dog fouling Information
FOI04451 Telecoms and network services
FOI04454 Conduct for the Greener for Life group  Information 1  Copy Response
FOI04419 Stray dogs  Information
FOI04428 Vehicle provision
FOI04444 Taxi licences
FOI04445 Solar power
FOI04449 Domestic violence services
FOI04418 Deaths with no next of kin - Referred to datasets on website
FOI04456 Emergency planning documentation
FOI04457 Exorcists
FOI04459 Housing
FOI04460 Street cleaners   Information

Mental Health - Referred to Devon County Council Social Services Department.

FOI04465 Street cleaning

Road accident claims due to pot holes - Referred to Devon County Council Highways Department.


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