Disclosure log October 2016 

This disclosure log provides copies of requests received and how the council has dealt with the responses.  



Information requested and our responses

FOI04421 05-Oct-2016 Child Protection - Referred to Social Services, Devon County Council. accesstoinformation-mailbox@devon.gov.uk
FOI04422 05-Oct-2016 Business rates
FOI04417 05-Oct-2016  Business rates
FOI04411 05-Oct-2016  Food business register  Information
FOI04389 06-Oct-2016  Facilities management  Information
FOI04348 06-Oct-2016  Parking contracts 
FOI04384 07-Oct-2016 Paper
FOI04396 10-Oct-2016 Public Health contacts
FOI04400 10-Oct-2016 Empty homes  Survey table
FOI04397 10-Oct-2016 Business rates
FOI04398 10-Oct-2016

Data Protection breaches      Information

FOI04425 10-Oct-2016 Prior notifications
FOI04427 10-Oct-2016 Business rates
FOI04410 11-Oct-2016 Non domestic care incidents
FOI04413 11-Oct-2016 Payments to beneficiaries
FOI04404 13-Oct-2016 Business rates  Part1   Part2
FOI04433 16-Oct-206 Allegations against employees of Nurseries
FOI04438 17-Oct-2016

Education and Transport - Referred to Devon County Council, Social Services and Highway Departments.  


FOI04403 18-Oct-2016 Compulsory purchase orders
FOI04405 18-Oct-2016 Public Health funerals
FOI04406 18-Oct-2016 Pubic Health funerals
FOI04407 18-Oct-2016 Solar farms
FOI04414 18-Oct-2016 Prospect PS Limited
FOI04415 18-Oct-2016 Primary schools
FOI04223 20-Oct-2016 Tenants rental payments
FOI04224 20-Oct-2016 LA-PPC and LA-IPPC Processes
FOI04226 20-Oct-2016

Human Resources - Planning & Building Control

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FOI04441 20-Oct-2016 Public or welfare funerals
FOI04447 20-Oct-2016 Planning
FOI04448 20-Oct-2016 Housing calendar
FOI04412 21-Oct-2016 Dog breeding establishments  Inf1 Inf2
FOI04442 21-Oct-2016 Homelessness
FOI04453 21-Oct-2016 Schools
FOI04416 25-Oct-2016 Dog fouling Information
FOI04451 25-Oct-2016 Telecoms and network services
FOI04454 25-Oct-2016 Conduct for the Greener for Life group  Information 1  Copy Response
FOI04419 26-Oct-2016 Stray dogs  Information
FOI04428 26-Oct-2016 Vehicle provision
FOI04444 26-Oct-2016 Taxi licences
FOI04445 26-Oct-2016 Solar power
FOI04449 26-Oct-2016 Domestic violence services
FOI04418 30-Oct-2016 Deaths with no next of kin - Referred to datasets on website
FOI04456 31-Oct-2016 Emergency planning documentation
FOI04457 31-Oct-2016 Exorcists
FOI04459 31-Oct-2016 Housing
FOI04460 31-Oct-2016 Street cleaners   Information
FOI04463 31-Oct-2016

Mental Health - Referred to Devon County Council Social Services Department.


FOI04465 31-Oct-2016 Street cleaning
FOI04466 31-Oct-2016

Road accident claims due to pot holes - Referred to Devon County Council Highways Department.


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