Disclosure log September 2016 

This disclosure log provides copies of requests received and how the council has dealt with the responses.  



Information requested and our responses

FOI04333 02-Sep-2016 ICT
FOI04336 02-Sep-2016 Business rates Part 1 Part 2 Information
FOI04377 05-Sep-2016  Teacher stress and anxiety
FOI04380 05-Sep-2016 Devon EIR request
FOI04340 05-Sep-2016 e-tendering and procurement
FOI04372 05-Sep-2016 Private hire drivers
FOI04382 07-Sep-2016 Devon EIR request
FOI04383 07-Sep-2016 Domiciliary care contracts
FOI04346 08-Sep-2016 Solar panels
FOI04366 08-Sep-2016 Business rates
FOI04353 08-Sep-2016 Disabled facilities grants
FOI04373 08-Sep-2016 Extra care schemes
FOI04376 08-Sep-2016 Section 106 BA process
FOI04385 08-Sep-2016 Procurement
FOI04386 12-Sep-2016 Supply Teachers
FOI04352 12-Sep-2016 Misuse of Council equipment
FOI04351 13-Sep-2016 Travel policy
FOI04358 13-Sep-2016 Business rates
FOI04370 13-Sep-2016 Council tax
FOI04387 13-Sep-2016 Devon EIR Request
FOI04393 15-Sep-2016 Business rates
FOI04368 15-Sep-2016 Residential Properties in MDDC  Information
FOI04390 16-Sep-2016 Housing and domestic abuse  Information
FOI04357 20-Sep-2016 Social media
FOI04391 21-Sep-2016 Property guardians
FOI04402 21-Sep-2016 Procurement
FOI04374 28-Sep-2016 Aggressive animal complaints  Information
FOI04381 28-Sep-2016 Emissions control, waste and contaminated land
FOI04378 29-Sep-2016 Business rates  Part1  Part2  Part3
FOI04379 29-Sep-2016 Business rates Information
FOI04418 30-Sep-2016 Deaths with no next of kin

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