Public Health Funerals

This dataset details all public health funerals from the 1970's to date.

Information regarding estates is not held by MDDC, and we no longer send this information to the Government Legal Department. The next of kin field will only be completed if there is no next of kin (that we know of), otherwise this data will be removed, as it is considered personal information and exempt under S.40 of the Freedom of Information Act.

Public Health Funerals

This report will be updated on a quarterly basis * (last updated 4th January 2017)


* dates may vary during public holidays if offices are closed, but will be within 5 working days of the expected publish date.

This dataset details the current register of Food Businesses with the MDDC district.

The report details the trading name, full address and the type of food business.

Food Register

This report will be updated on a quarterly basis (last updated 04.10.2016)

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