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The Council has a Governance Working Group which is looking at whether to recommend changes to the current Leader/Cabinet model and the governance arrangements which underpin it.  These arrangements determine who has authority, who makes the decision and how the Council is kept accountable. 

Are you interested in how the Council operates under this model - and do you think it works as it is, or needs to change?  If so, the Governance Working Group wants to hear from you.   To make this happen, a panel of the Working Group will hold a session at 6pm on Monday 23 November 2020 via Zoom by invitation.  The Panel will be led by an independent facilitator, Cllr Jim McKenna of Cornwall Council.  Those taking up the invitation to talk to the Panel will be given a short slot of their own. 

The Panel is interested in the following:

  • What works well under the current arrangements and what do you value?
  • Governance could be better if…..? Because…?

The Working Group wants any recommendations for change to result in a clear benefit to the Council and the people it serves for the foreseeable future.  For that reason, it will help the Panel if you can explain the reasoning behind your views. This might take the form of knowledge or experience from Mid Devon or elsewhere.

To find out more about governance arrangements at the Council and the different models/options available, please visit our website at where there is a section on Governance Arrangements.  This includes a summary of the current arrangements and some of the other options which are available.  There are also cross references to documents which might help you channel your thoughts when making your views known.

Please email by no later than 12th November 2020, if you would like to attend the Panel session. Depending on uptake, we may need to limit slots, or make other arrangements.  Alternatively, you can send your thoughts/comments to the same email address by no later than 28 November 2020, or to: Governance Working Group, Phoenix House, Phoenix Lane, Tiverton EX16 6PP (FAO Mrs K Tebbey)

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