John Vanderwolfe

The Town Council
The Town Hall
St Andrew Street
EX16 6PG
Telephone: 01884 253404


Dennis Knowles (Lowman Ward)

Deputy Mayor

Steve Flaws (Westexe North Ward) 

Parish Councillors

Alexandra Berry (Lowman Ward) 

Wallace Burke (Westexe South Ward) 

Anthony Bush (Westexe South Ward)

Stephen Bush (Cranmore Ward)

Leslie Cruwys (Cranmore Ward) 

Neal Davey (Lowman Ward) 

Christina Daw (Cranmore Ward) 

Sue Griggs (Cranmore Ward) 

Claudette Harrower (Westexe South Ward)

Benjamin Holdman (Castle Ward) 

John Jordan (Lowman Ward)

Thomas Lindus (Westexe North Ward)

Gerald Luxton (Westexe North Ward)

Jeff Rawlings (Castle Ward)

Janet Rendle (Castle Ward)

VACANT (Lowman Ward) 

Clarissa Slade (Cranmore Ward)

Colin Slade (Lowman Ward) 

Elizabeth Slade (Castle Ward) 

Adam Walker (Westexe South Ward) 

Kevin Wilson (Cranmore Ward) 

Paul Young (Castle Ward) 


Code of Conduct


Parish / Community Plans


District Councillor

Castle Ward:

Cranmore Ward:

Lowman Ward:

Westexe Ward:

County Councillor

Tiverton East Ward:

Tiverton West Ward:

Member of Parliament Tiverton and Honiton Constituency:

Members of European Parliament

South West Region:
  • William (The Earl of) Dartmouth
  • Ashley Fox
  • Julia Reid
  • Julie Girling
  • Clare Moody
  • Molly Scott Cato

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