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What were the district council election results?

Uncontested results

An uncontested election result occurs where there's an equal number or fewer candidates than there are seats up for election.

There was one uncontested district ward, Taw Ward where The Conservative Party candidate John Daw was elected uncontested.

For a full list of candidates in uncontested areas, see Uncontested Election Result.

Contested results

For a full list of candidate results in contested areas, see the Declaration of Result of Poll - District.

Alternatively, view our District ward results map to see out how the political landscape is set for Mid Devon over the next four years.

Where can I find out more about my district councillors?

To find out more, or to contact one of the councillors that will represent the area you live in (your ward) over the next four years, see Your Councillors.

To find out which ward you live in, see our interactive map.

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