Turnout in Mid Devon was 40%

Timetable of events

Publication of Notice of Election

12 April 2019

Publication of Statements of Parties and Individual Candidates nominated, including Notice of Poll

24 April 2019

Deadline for applying to be on the electoral register

7 May 2019

Deadline for applying for a postal vote

8 May 2019

Issue postal votes

~9 May 2019

Deadline for applying for a proxy vote

15 May 2019

Day of Poll

23 May 2019

Counting of Votes

26 May 2019

Where can I see the results for the South West Region once they are declared?

All notices for the South West region are on the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council webpage (Regional Returning Officer for the South West Region). The results for the South West region will be published on this page once they are declared.

Media information:

The European Parliamentary Elections take place on Thursday 23 May.

Local verification and counting will be held at Phoenix House, Tiverton, EX16 6PP

Verification: This will start soon after 10pm on 23 May as ballot boxes arrive. The votes are counted only to ensure that the number of votes cast into the ballot boxes tally up with the paperwork from the polling station.

Counting will take place on Sunday May 26 starting at 6.00pm.

Local Declaration: The local result will be given after the count by the Local Returning Officer.

Media representatives are welcome to attend either the verification or the local count. If you wish to attend, please could you let Communications know as soon as possible via communications@middevon.gov.uk

Regional Declaration: The overall result for the South West and Gibraltar region will be declared by BCP Council at the Civic Centre in Poole on Sunday 26 May.

For media accreditation to attend the regional declaration, please ask media representatives to contact press.office@bcpcouncil.gov.uk by Thursday 23 May.  Lead communications for the regional declaration is rachael.mills@bcpcouncil.gov.uk 01202 454699

Accreditation: As soon as we have your requests in writing, we will arrange media passes which will be issued on the door on the night to ensure you can gain entry.

For those who don’t wish to attend the regional declaration in person, the results will be available to view as a news article on www.bcpcouncil.gov.uk after the declaration.

Reminder: Please do not film or photograph ballot papers. Panning shots from a distance are permitted.

Interviews: Please conduct any interviews away from the counting area.

Official notices:

How can I vote in the European Parliamentary elections on 23 May 2019?

How do I register to vote?

If you’re not registered to vote, go to GOV.UK/register-to-vote.

Note: You’ll need your National Insurance number and date of birth in order to register. You needed to register by 7 May 2019 to vote in the European Parliamentary Elections.

When can I expect to receive my poll card?

Poll cards were sent around 23 April 2019. If you don't receive a poll card, you may not be on the electoral register. Please contact us to check.

To find out where your polling station is, see List of polling stations or Where do I vote?

Postal and proxy voting

The deadline for applying for postal and proxy votes has now passed. You can, under exceptional circumstances, apply for an emergency proxy for medical or employment reasons. A qualified medical practitioner or your employer must attest your application. For more information please contact Electoral Services.


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