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More about Recycling and Rubbish

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Waste Collection Commitment

We have signed the voluntary Waste Collection Commitment for local authorities.  This national agreement sets out ten principles for designing and providing waste collection services.  We do our best to take these principles into account whenever we make a decision about the service.  The voluntary Waste Collection Commitment states:

"We are committed to providing waste and recycling services which are good value for money and which meet the needs of our residents. This means we will:

  • Explain clearly what services you can expect to receive
  • Provide regular collections
  • Provide a reliable collection service
  • Consider any special requests that individual households may have
  • Design our services and carry out collections in a way that doesn't produce litter
  • Collect as many materials for recycling as we can and explain to you what happens to them
  • Explain clearly what our service rules are and the reasons for them
  • Tell you in good time if we have to make changes to your services, even temporarily
  • Respond to complaints we receive about our services
  • Tell all our residents about this commitment to collecting waste"