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Apply for grant funding through the Shared Prosperity Fund and Rural England Prosperity Fund to support your business, with opportunities available through the following themes:

Field to Fork

Grants towards equipment needed to support businesses develop, produce and market local food and drink products and its direct supply to consumers.


Support new and existing small and micro rural businesses to develop new products and facilities that will be of wider benefit to the local economy

Business Growth and Innovation

A mixed grants programme targeting micro and small businesses and social enterprises with innovative ideas and high growth potential to help them buy new equipment, improve processes, buy in specialist support so they can take the next step towards ‘transformational’ change within their business, increase jobs and support de-carbonisation.

This includes capital funding for net zero infrastructure for rural businesses, and diversification of farm businesses outside of agriculture to encourage starting up, expanding or scaling those businesses where this involves converting farm buildings to other commercial or business uses.


Create jobs and boost community cohesion.

Increase private sector investment in growth-enhancing activities, through targeted support for small and micro-sized businesses to:

  • undertake innovation
  • adopt productivity enhancing, energy efficient and low carbon technologies and techniques

Visitor Economy (Sustainable Tourism)

Grants towards the development of quality visitor attractions and experiences to expand or enhance the tourism offer and support farm diversification. 

This includes local attractions, trails and tourism products more generally.


  • Create jobs and boost community cohesion.
  • Enhance rural visitor economy and rural leisure opportunities.

Work Hub Development Scheme

Grants for local businesses to support incubator space and work hub development to create small flexible office and workshop space for start-up and growing micro-businesses.


  • Create jobs and boosting community cohesion.
  • Promote networking and collaboration.
  • Increase private sector investment in growth-enhancing activities.
  • Strengthen our social fabric and foster a sense of local pride and belonging.

Investment in the Social Economy

Grants to support community businesses such as community shops, community pubs, and community energy organisations, will increase access to key services, support community infrastructure, and facilitate community-level de-carbonisation projects.


Strengthen our social fabric and foster a sense of local pride and belonging, through investment in activities that enhance physical, cultural and social ties and amenities. This includes:

  • community infrastructure and local green space
  • community-led projects

Please note: Funding for projects under the Social Economy theme will not be available until 2024/25 but applicants may complete Expressions of Interest for this scheme in 2022/23.

Full details and how to apply under the Mid Devon Prosperity Programme can be found here.


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