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What is the ECO Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme?

The ECO Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme is a free that encourages owners of commercial fleets to work towards more efficient and cleaner operations for HGVs, buses, coaches, vans and taxis. We've been rolling out this scheme in Mid Devon ever since we adopted it in October 2010.

32 local operators with more than 1,300 commercial vehicles have already signed up to the scheme, along with seven taxi companies operating 46 taxis.

What's in it for me?

Recognition for what you currently do - each member of the scheme gets a star rating based on an assessment of how 'clean' your vehicle fleet is and the best practice you demonstrate in key areas of:

  • Fuel management
  • Developing driver skills
  • Vehicle specification and maintenance
  • Use of IT support systems
  • Fleet performance monitoring

Save up to £2,300 per vehicle in fuel costs

By implementing the key measures recommended by the ECO Stars Scheme, a typical HGV operator could expect to reduce fuel consumption by a minimum of 5% in the first year. Based on 80,000 miles per year at 8mpg and an average of £1.13 per litre of diesel, there would be a saving of the equivalent of £2,600 per vehicle. For an operator with 10 vehicles this equates to a saving of one whole tanker of diesel!*

*Figures from Department for Transport Freight Best Practice Programme

Support to improve operational efficiency

Members receive a FREE operational efficiency review and road map, developed by specialist fleet consultants, to outline measures to reduce fuel consumption and help you reduce your fleet operating costs. Once you've received your road map, our team is here to give you ongoing support.

The scheme is open to all operators of vans, trucks, buses and coaches, regardless of fleet size, based within Mid Devon or based outside of Mid Devon, but with vehicles operating a significant proportion of their time within the area.

How can I join the scheme?

If you'd like to join the scheme, either visit the ECO Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme website or contact:


Mid Devon ECO Stars Scheme Managers


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