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Running a Food business from home

Over the last 12 months we have seen a substantial increase in the number of new food businesses submitting registrations to operate as a food business from domestic premises. In normal times we would receive an application to register as a food business and arrange an initial inspection as soon as possible by phone. However, we have found making contact this way has not been very productive, therefore we will now send out a letter suggesting a date / time for us to visit. If this is not convenient, please contact us to arrange a suitable alternative.

Generally we would have no objections to a domestic kitchen being used as a commercial food operation providing it is a low risk operation i.e. confectionery, sweet packaging and celebration cakes etc. However, the following will apply:

Once the initial visit has been carried out by a food officer, your business will be risk rated which will determine the frequency of future visits. It is likely to be a low risk operation therefore a self-assessment questionnaire will be sent every 5 years thereafter. You must complete and return this so that a desk top assessment can be made, and if no significant changes, rescored as the same.

Your food hygiene rating will also be scored and awarded at the same time. However, as a private property your details should not appear on the Food Standards website as it is considered exempt and private.

For more information please visit our website.

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