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Enforcing authorities for health and safety at work

The task of ensuring that health and safety at work law is enforced, is shared in Devon between the local authorities and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Further information is provided on the HSE website: HSE- Is HSE the correct enforcing authority for you?

We follow the guidance provided by the HSE in the selection and enforcement of health and safety law. The current guidance is provided on the HSE website HSE - National Local Authority Enforcement Code.

Where accidents have occurred in a place of work, our Health and Safety Officers will advise employers on the application of the law. If a blatant breach of the requirements are identified as the main cause for an accident, enforcement action will be taken subject to our Public Health Enforcement Policy.

We are always willing to give advice on Health and Safety matters. If you have a complaint about your working conditions or if you are setting up a new business and require information about Health and Safety law, or wish to discuss anything in relation to your existing premises, please contact us.

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