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Posted On: 26-05-2021
Posted In: Planning

We are delighted to announce that Mid Devon District Council is one of 14 Councils in England chosen to take part in a fully-funded pilot programme to test the Government’s new National Model Design Code (NMDC).

The aim of the code is to ensure future developments are beautiful and fit in with local character. It is intended to give local planning authorities a set of design principles to consider for new developments, such as street character and building type as well as environmental, heritage and wellbeing factors.

The shortlisted councils will take part in a six-month testing programme to explore how the code could be applied in their area.

Mid Devon are being supported by Hyas Consultants, David Hawes Urban Design and Hilton Barnfield Architects to explore how the NMDC can be applied within a rural context and how it may inform the preparation of design policies within Mid Devon’s next Local Plan.

Following the development of a district wide design vision, we will consider how design codes can best be used in rural locations and also in the Cullompton area, where the Council is working with the community over a new garden village.

Importantly, as part of our testing process, we will explore whether the NMDC provides the right type of guidance to support Councils and places like Mid Devon in delivering beauty and high quality design.

Jenny Clifford, the Head of Planning, Economy and Regeneration said:

“The selection of Mid Devon as one of 14 Council’s to test the Government’s National Model Design Code will allow us to contribute to its further development and help understand its usability in the planning system.”