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Posted On: 18-10-2019
Posted In: Breaking news

Front cover image of Mid Devon Matters newsletterMid Devon District Council has been operating an email subscription service for residents, businesses and visitors to Mid Devon since April 2017.

To mark the 25,000 topic subscriptions milestone, the council recently introduced a new newsletter Mid Devon Matters. The newsletter will be circulated via the subscription service on a quarterly basis and will consist of a round-up of council news and updates.

The email subscription service is free to use and subscribers can choose to receive information, sent in the form of a bulletin, from the council services that matter to them by managing their preferences via a simple online account.

The benefit to subscribers is that they can stay informed by choosing to receive, for example, updates from services, such as during bouts of severe weather; agendas for local government decision making; climate change updates; special offers and holiday activities from Mid Devon Leisure, or; notifications for areas where waste collections have been missed.

25 topics of information are currently offered across 9 categories. A full list of subscription topics are detailed below.

Setting up a subscriber account is easy. Customers can simply click the Sign me up button in the pop-up that appears when visiting the council's website for the first time, or click the Stay updated, stay informed links which are dispersed throughout the site's pages.

An added benefit for customers is that it also reduces contact costs. By proactively alerting residents to changes in services, customers can save themselves the cost of a phone call, travel expenses to visit in-person or postal costs.

Since its launch in April 2017, the current number of subscribers has grown to 6,106 subscribers, with each subscriber choosing an average of between 4 and 5 topics each. Total topic subscriptions reported at the end of September amounted to 27,190.

Cabinet Member for Community Well-being Councillor Dennis Knowles said:

“For any person or organisation that deals with the council or makes use of its services, I strongly recommend subscribing to their email subscription service as a way of keeping on top of important announcements such as changes in service or legislation. What's more, it's completely free and will save people from having to phone or travel to visit in person to enquire directly.”

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To subscribe to receive the Mid Devon Matters newsletter, visit:

A full list of subscription topics are detailed below.

My council:

Bins and recycling:

Business and economy:


Council tax and benefits:




Planning and regeneration: