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Posted On: 14-02-2020
Posted In: Business and economy

Image of a 1400ltr trade waste binRecycling in your work place can actually save you money, as it costs more to dispose of non-recyclable waste than it does to dispose of recyclable waste.

The law requires any business or organisation producing waste, to ensure recyclable items are separated from non-recyclable waste and that it is stored safely during, and prior to, being transferred.

To this end, the Council’s Commercial Waste Collection Service can help to ensure your business is compliant through the provision of various waste containers, and twice-weekly, weekly or fortnightly collections to suit your requirements.

Examples of commercial waste, also known as business waste, include stationary, packaging, office furniture, general waste, and any waste materials generated as a by-product of commercial activities, including hazardous waste.

Book your free consultation with the Council’s Trade Waste Officer to identify potential savings you could make by helping you to recycle more, (see details below).

The law also extends to anyone generating waste whilst working from home, such as running a small office or e-commerce business, and it is therefore an offence to dispose of business waste through domestic waste streams, such as a kerbside collection service for residents, or at a waste and recycling centre.

Instead, businesses or organisations can either dispose of their waste at a privately run waste site, or through a private waste carrier.

To transport commercial waste to a privately run waste site, you have to purchase a Waste Carrier’s Licence, which places conditions on how different waste types can be transported, and complete a countersigned Waste Transfer Note to document the movement of each consignment transferred. However, it is your responsibility and ‘Duty of Care’ as the ‘transferor’ to ensure that the recipient (‘transferee’) will dispose of the waste legally, otherwise you could be prosecuted.

Alternatively, you can choose a private waste carrier. However, you could still be liable for prosecution if you have failed to check that your private service provider does not hold a valid Waste Carrier’s Licence and your waste has been disposed of illegally.

Cabinet Member for the Environment Cllr Luke Taylor said:

“We’ve been operating a professional, fully licensed commercial waste collection and disposal service for over fifteen years. It accommodates both commercial waste and recycling needs, and is available to any size business or organisation, in or outside[*] Mid Devon. It even caters for one-off temporary events.
“I encourage any business or organisation that is looking to dispose of its waste safely and legally, to get in touch with us to find out how we can help.”

(*Collections from businesses or organisations outside Mid Devon are subject to VAT).

To discuss your requirements or to book your free assessment, visit and fill out the contact form or call via Customer Services on 01884 255255.