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Council Tax Discount Application

Privacy Notice – Council Tax Discount Application

Full name, address and title and also any other addresses you may have lived at within Mid Devon area as these will be linked to your name. Dependent on your circumstances we may also hold: Email address, telephone number, date of birth, national insurance number, employment details, types of Benefit in payment, if you are considered to be vulnerable, financial information e.g. earnings, if you are the owner or a tenant of a property, if you have had enforcement action taken against you, bank account (if you claim Council Tax reduction or pay by Direct Debit), medical information for certain discounts, marital status.

Your information is collected by the Revenues Service, Housing Benefits and Customer Services.

By telephone call, online forms, visits to our office, letter, email, 3rd party (i e your landlord), DWP, online portal

For collection and assessment of Council Tax in line with the Local Government Finance Act 1992

To correctly assess Council Tax liability and ensure the correct bill is issued

If appropriate your personal data may be shared with other local authorities, other departments within Mid Devon DC and partners including Police, Enforcement Agents, Employers and Courts

All ICT systems are accredited to Public Service Network standards with access restricted to relevant staff. All paper records are stored securely and we have a clear desk policy.

Paper files will be kept for a minimum of 6 years. Data stored on our processing system will need to be kept for as long as the current Council Tax Valuation List exists – this is currently 1993 –if your property is re-banded by the Valuation Office, they will back date the band reduction to 1993 when Council Tax was introduced – by keeping this data this enables us to calculate accounts correctly in accordance with information provided to us by the Valuation Office Agency.

Personal Details