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Report spoilt, lost or damaged green waste permits

Privacy Notice – Report spoilt, lost or damaged green waste permits

When you report a spoilt, lost or damaged green waste permit we will hold your contact details, name, address, email address and phone number.

Customer First collect the information.

Details can be provided on line using our web form, email or telephone conversation with Customer Services.

The information provided will be used to investigate the reported issue and to contact you if further information is needed.

Once the investigation is complete your details will be used in order to update our records and provide the service you requested, such as a new permit and/or bin if required.

The information provided will be shared with our Customer Service team to enable them to issue a new permit and Street Scene or Waste to issue a new bin if required.

The Waste and Recycling Department will retain your details in a safe and secure environment. All ICT systems are accredited to Public Service Network standards with access restricted to relevant staff. All paper records are stored securely and we have a clear desk policy.

Once the replacement permit has been issued the report is closed but the call log remains on the Customer Services Management System for the duration of the Garden waste subscription.

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