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Posted On: 15-08-2023
Posted In: Community

Mid Devon District Council’s latest web platform, Let’s Talk Mid Devon, allows you to voice your views on a wide range of local issues, initiatives, and policy decisions.

The new website allows residents, and community members to stay informed on council activities, and encourages them to get involved in topics that directly impact them by sharing ideas, answering polls and surveys, and joining open discussions.

The site hosts a number of ‘hubs’ that allows visitors to easily interact and communicate with areas of the Council that are important to them. The ‘hubs’ currently accessible on the website include leisure and housing, with hubs for customer service, planning, as well as waste and recycling to be launched soon.

The engagement platform is a new outlet for communication, which aims to increase community involvement, transparency and directly impact work the Council delivers.

Councillor David Wulff, Cabinet Member for Community and Leisure, said:

“Our new website allows the Council to make informed decisions that genuinely reflect the needs of the residents of Mid Devon. We encourage everyone who lives in the district to take this opportunity to connect with us so we can all work together to ensure future projects are relevant and important to everyone in Mid Devon."

Let's Talk Mid Devon is now live, visit the website at and join the conversation today.