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Posted On: 05-09-2019
Posted In: Business and economy

Customer First officer taking a callThe Licensing team at Phoenix House is encouraging licence holders to be vigilant and carry out a few basic safety checks if they receive a visit purporting to be from the Council.

Staff at Mid Devon District Council have recently been alerted that somebody may be visiting premises, falsely claiming to be a licensing officer.

Thomas Keating, Lead Officer with the Licensing Team said:

“If you hold a licence with Mid Devon District Council and are approached by someone claiming to be a licensing officer, please ask to see a form of identification, especially if it is someone you are not familiar with. All members of the Licensing Team will be able to produce an I.D card which contains their photo, their name and the Mid Devon District Council logo. If I.D cannot be produced and if you are not familiar with the individual, we recommend that you ask them to come back with valid I.D.”

Licence holders are also reminded that if you are required to pay a fee (including an annual fee), please be aware that licensing officers from the Council will never ask you to make cash payments during a visit.

If you ever have concerns about an individual (and if they are unable to produce valid I.D), please contact Mid Devon District Council on 01884 255 255.