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Posted On: 16-05-2024
Posted In: Leisure

The new initiative, designed to support people who want to improve their health and wellbeing without having to go to the gym or attend classes, launched on 1 May.

Research shows that 70% of adults in the UK want to improve their health. Health Seekers can make a big difference by encouraging people to take small, achievable steps with the help of qualified coaches.

As part of the service, customers pay a one-time fee of £35 to receive an initial consultation and full body health check with one of our trained health coaches. This information will be used to set achievable goals for participants to improve their health over the course of the programme.

A follow-up review, complete with a second full body scan, will take place four to eight weeks later which will enable participants to track their results and discuss next steps.

Councillor David Wulff, Cabinet Member for Community and Leisure, said:

"Health Seekers is a testament to our commitment to fostering healthier communities and empowering individuals to take charge of their wellbeing.
“By offering personalised support and guidance outside the traditional gym setting, we are confident that the initiative will resonate with a wide audience and enable our residents to make meaningful strides in their health journey."

For more information about Health Seekers, visit the Mid Devon Leisure website.