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Posted On: 07-11-2022
Posted In: Community

The mural painted by the talented Kate Crawfurd, who worked closely with a group of local people convened by Sustainable Tiverton, was completed as part of Devon Climate Emergency’s ‘Net-Zero Visions’.

As part of the Net Zero Visions project, acclaimed creatives are working with communities to produce positive ‘Visions’ of locations across Devon as carbon net-zero in 2050.

The mural in Tiverton, near to the Tiverton Pannier Market, gives an insight into how Tiverton might look in the near future. Sustainable ways of living, including renewable energy solutions, eco-homes, sustainable travel, local produce and farming are all on display as ‘visions’ of what net-zero could look like.

It is hoped the mural will help the community to visualise how their cities, towns and villages can become net-zero. The Net Zero Visions projects mission is to create a resilient, net-zero Devon where people and nature thrive. It is rooted in the idea that we cannot achieve change unless we also try to imagine it; and that imagining it can raise a wider awareness of what is at stake and encourage action.

Peter Stott of Sustainable Tiverton said:

"Creating a net zero future for Tiverton is vital if future generations are to survive and thrive. This mural shows that the changes needed to bring about net zero are also changes that will give us healthier, cleaner and brighter places to live and work, with more of what we need every day produced locally and much less wasted. We hope that this mural will start us all thinking about what we can do to start to bring that future into reality."

Councillor Colin Slade, Cabinet Member for Environmental Services and Climate Change said:

“Starting a dialogue about how we can live and prosper in a carbon-neutral world is an important first step towards change. The ‘Visions’ project and this amazing mural provide a talking point to start a conversation and look at what we can do to achieve net-zero.
“We encourage everyone in Mid Devon to be involved and have their say as we all have a part to play in creating a sustainable future.”

Devon Climate Emergency are creating a Devon Carbon plan and low carbon agenda which will consider the earliest, credible date which should be set for net-zero emissions. The low carbon agenda sets out five key themes to realise a more resilient and fairer Devon for everyone, these include: (1) Economy & Resources, (2) Energy, (3) Built Environment, (4) Transport and (5) Food, Land and Sea.

The Devon Carbon Plan and the Devon Climate Emergency website are full of resources which show what might be achieved and how.

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