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Posted On: 05-07-2022
Posted In: Bins

Residents across Mid Devon will start to receive new wheelie bins as the Council prepares to implement its new Bin-it 123 collection service.

From October 2022 all black sack/black bin waste will be collected every three weeks as part of the Council’s drive to increase recycling and reduce waste. All other collections remain unchanged – with food waste collected weekly and dry recycling each fortnight.

More than 37,000 wheelie bins will be delivered across the district over the next few months, in preparation for the autumn changes, with every household entitled to a free black wheelie bin. Seagull sacks can also be provided instead of a wheelie bin.

Cllr Slade, Cabinet Member for the Environment and Climate Change said:

“Although no one’s waste collections will change until the autumn we have to start preparing now. I recognise this is a big change for our residents and we know there may be some resistance, but we have seen what the benefits are to the environment from neighbouring districts and through our own trial, and I am confident the people of Mid Devon will adapt and support this change.”

Trial figures have shown the introduction of the Bin-it 123 collection cycle will increase recycling, reduce the amount of non-recyclable material collected, and reduce CO2emissions, with our waste collection vehicles travelling less miles.

The cost of a year’s waste collection in the district is estimated to be around £54 per household.

Cllr Slade added:

“The public quite rightly want value for money and should scrutinise where their money is spent. This change is not about a reduction in cost but about future proofing the service for our communities and ensuring we are making tangible changes to meet our climate ambitions.”

The first round of the new collection cycle is due to begin in October. Please read our FAQs if you want to find out more or visit: Remember you can also look up your collection date online.