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Posted On: 12-06-2023
Posted In: Community

NEW fingerposts have been installed in Tiverton, have you spotted them yet? Have a look around the town to see how many you can find along your way!

New fingerposts have been installed in a total of 21 different locations around Tiverton town centre linking up attractions, venues and leisure sites within the town and wider areas thanks to S106 money.

Organised by Mid Devon District Council, in conjunction with the Tiverton Town Centre Partnership and Tiverton Town Council, the fingerposts connect the town with outlying attractions (such as the Castle and Canal) and encourage visitors to explore all parts of the town.

Cllr Steve Keable, Cabinet Member for Planning and Regeneration, said:

"It’s vital to keep our towns a lively and pleasant place to use and create a sense of pride in the community. Fingerposts play an important role in helping visitors discover all that Tiverton has to offer. It’s been great to see the business groups within Tiverton engage with our Economic Development team to help choose the design.”

The fingerposts are part of a wider visitor signage improvement project with new information boards to follow. These will highlight the town’s four retail quarters and the Pannier Market. The fingerposts and the boards are colour coordinated to the destinations with the aim of being vibrant and visible.

Zoë Lentell, Economic Development Team Leader, said:

"Wayfinding is important as it improves pedestrian flow and highlights local attractions. The new fingerposts will guide visitors to different parts of Tiverton, making it easier for visitors to explore areas they may not have been aware of and increasing dwell time within the town centre.”