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Posted On: 17-03-2020
Posted In: Housing

Photo of workman boarding up a window of the flatSeveral properties in Tiverton were closed last week after the Council obtained Closure Orders in response to anti-social behaviour (ASB) issues identified.

A Closure Order can be made if the following has occurred, or will occur, if the closure power is not used:

Only the Police or the Council may apply for a Closure Order. In this case, the required Closure Notices were served and then the relevant applications were made to the local Magistrates’ Court. Breach of the Closure Orders is a criminal offence which brings with it the possibility of a prison sentence up to six months and an unlimited fine.

The Council worked with the Police and other agencies in the run up to the closure of the properties, with the action deemed necessary in order to reduce crime and to protect other members of the local community.

The homes, which are not being identified, have now been boarded up and will remain closed for three months. Following the closure order, anyone who enters the accommodation during that time will be committing an offence and could be arrested.

Councillor Simon Clist, Cabinet Member for Housing, said:

“This action demonstrates the commitment of the Council to ensuring that our estates are safe and secure places to live. It also shows what can be achieved by working in partnership. Our policy relating to the management of anti-social behaviour states that our officers will use the full range of tools and powers available under the ASB, Crime and Policing Act 2014 and, in these cases, it was felt that closure was the only option. The Court was satisfied that there was enough evidence to justify such a strong response.
“This action demonstrates our commitment to increasing community safety in Mid Devon.
“I would urge other residents to report any criminal activity occurring on our estates to the Neighbourhood team for investigation to ensure that our officers have a clear understanding of what is happening and can take appropriate action to combat it”.