Non-Mid Devon residents

Please note, all fees relating to Burial and Exclusive Rights are doubled for non-residents of Mid Devon, unless they have resided within the Mid Devon area in the previous 10 years.

Fees and charges for Mid Devon residents:

To inter a coffin:

Of a stillborn child No charge
Of a child under 16 years No charge
Of a juvenile 16 - 18 years £370.00
Of an adult £957.00

To inter cremated remains:

In a casket £157.50
To scatter ashes £157.50

Interment beneath memorial tree
(includes tree and Exclusive Rights of Burial)

Saturday/Bank Holiday supplement
(applies to all interments)

For a period of 30 years:

For a cremated remains grave £298.00
For a child's grave £373.50
For an adult's grave £1037.00

For a period of 75 years:

For a cremated remains grave  £751.00
For a child's grave  £934.00
For an adult's grave  £2,540.00
Wall Plaque (4” x 2”)  £98.50
To erect a headstone only  £161.50
To erect a headstone & kerbing up to 7’ x 3’  £400.00
To add an additional inscription on a monument after the first placement  £98.50
To erect a headstone on a child's grave  £98.50
To place a Tablet/ledger (18” x 18”) or a vase  £98.50
To place a Tablet/ledger (18” x 36”)  £197.50
To place a Tablet/ledger (larger than 18” x 36”)  £295.50
To place open kerbing up to 7' x 3'  £258.50
To place open kerbing larger than 7' x 3'  £471.50
To place fully enclosed kerb set  £554.00

We'll try to allow for varied monuments, but sizes and types may differ dependent on the location of the plot. Please Contact us with any enquiries.

Use of chapel (per half hour) when followed by Interment £73.50
Use of chapel only (per half hour) includes VAT £81.00
Administration Fees in respect of Transfer of Rights/Assignment etc. £30.00

If you’re on a low income and need help to pay for a funeral you’re arranging, you may be able to get a funeral payment from the Social Fund. You may have to repay all or some of it back from the estate of the deceased person.

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