Non-Mid Devon residents

Please note, all fees relating to Burial and Exclusive Rights are doubled for non-residents of Mid Devon, unless they have resided within the Mid Devon area in the previous 10 years.

Fees and charges for Mid Devon residents

To inter a coffin:

Of a stillborn child No charge
Of a child under 16 years No charge
Of a juvenile 16 - 18 years £370.00
Of an adult £957.00

To inter cremated remains:

In a casket £157.50
To scatter ashes £157.50

Interment beneath memorial tree
(includes tree and Exclusive Rights of Burial)

Saturday/Bank Holiday supplement
(applies to all interments)

For a period of 30 years:

For a cremated remains grave £298.00
For a child's grave £373.50
For an adult's grave £1037.00

For a period of 75 years:

For a cremated remains grave  £751.00
For a child's grave  £934.00
For an adult's grave  £2,540.00
To erect a headstone only £161.50
To add additional inscription on a monument after first placement £98.50
To erect a headstone on a child's grave £98.50
To place a tablet or a vase £98.50
To place kerbing up to 7' x 3' £258.50
To place kerbing larger than 7' x 3' £471.50
To erect a monument in any other form £985.00
To place a stepping stone* £298.00

*This includes Exclusive Rights of Burial not available before 1 April 2003

Use of chapel (per half hour) when followed by Interment £73.50
Use of chapel only (per half hour) includes VAT £81.00
Administration Fees in respect of Transfer of Rights/Assignment etc. £30.00

If you’re on a low income and need help to pay for a funeral you’re arranging, you may be able to get a funeral payment from the Social Fund. You may have to repay all or some of it back from the estate of the deceased person.

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