A lifeline alarm provides help at the touch of a button 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The service provides peace of mind to people who feel at risk in their own homes. It gives people the freedom to live their life independently knowing that they can obtain assistance when they need it.

An alarm unit is connected to the telephone line and a button can be pressed to summon assistance. The alarm is also supplied with a remote pendant that can be worn around the neck or wrist to allow help to be summoned from around the house and garden.

The call will be answered by specially trained staff who will contact the people that you have nominated to be contacted in such circumstances i.e. family members, friends or neighbours. In the case of a medical emergency the appropriate emergency service will also be called.

This service is available to anyone living in Mid Devon. We charge a one off installation fee of £30.00 and £45.12 per quarter thereafter. For more information or if you would like us to visit you and show you how the lifeline works, please call 01884 234383.

Qualifying for a lifeline alarm

The lifeline alarm service is available to everyone in Mid Devon. However, you will need to have a telephone socket with an active landline near a three pin electrical socket.

Key safes

A lifeline alarm enables help to be summoned at the press of a button, but have you ever thought how help would get in to help you if you'd locked the door?

If the ambulance service cannot gain entry to your property they will call the police and ask them to force entry. This could lead to expensive repair bills and leave your property insecure if you're taken to hospital.

We can supply and fit a key safe for £48.00. In the event of an emergency the call centre staff will give the key safe combination to the ambulance service to enable them to access the door key that you've stored inside the key safe.

For further information about these services please call 01884 234383.

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