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Warm Home Discount scheme

For winter you could get a £140 discount on your electricity bill. See GOV.UK - Warm Home Discount Scheme.

Winter Fuel Payments

Born on or before 5 July 1953? You are entitled to a GOV.UK - Winter Fuel Payment.

Independent and impartial advice

Energy Saving Trust is the national advice service on how to save money in the home. To find out more, see Energy Saving Trust or telephone 0330 400 1174.

Does your rented property have an EPC?

Landlords and tenants – did you know that all tenancies have to have a valid energy performance certificate with a minimum rating of E or above. If you are a landlord and your properties do not have an EPC or do not meet this threshold you may not be able to rent your property.

The council can help to provide you with an EPC and signpost you towards possible funding to improve the energy efficiency of your property. Landlords and tenants please contact the council on or telephone 01884 244602 for further information and help.


Making sure a privately let property is well insulated and has adequate heating can have many benefits:

  • tenants will be warmer and more comfortable and the property will be cheaper and easier to heat
  • the property will be more appealing to future tenants so easier to let, reducing empty periods
  • there are likely to be less complaints and repair requests from tenants
  • the risk of damp, condensation and mould will be reduced in the property
  • Energy Performance Certificate ratings will be improved
  • help the environment by helping to prevent climate change

Many improvements will be based on the household circumstances.

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