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If you would like to speak to a Neighbourhood Officer, please call 01884 255255 and ask for a call back.  If the matter is urgent, there are Officers in the office on a daily basis who will be happy to help.

Your Neighbourhood Team is your first point of contact. We can help with anything to do with your tenancy or rent.

Who's responsible for managing the Housing Service?

If you have any queries about our service delivery, please contact:

We will always give priority to the management of serious anti-social behaviour, safeguarding and health and safety issues, but the Neighbourhood Officers in the Estates team are your main point of contact for queries relating to your tenancy agreement and estate management issues, including grounds maintenance.

Claire Fry and Susan Hanwell are the joint Operations Managers for Housing Management Services and have overall responsibility for the management of this Service.

Who should I contact about my rent?

For queries about your rent, contact your Neighbourhood Officer responsible for income collection below:


Contact Number

Working days

Suzanne Palmer

01884 234295

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning

Sophie Gale

01884 234305

Monday - Friday

Julie Cumes

01884 234358

Thursday, Friday and Wednesday morning

Neil Dodd

01884 234916

Monday - Friday

Graham Bewley

01884 233056

Monday - Friday 

Who should I contact about neighbourhood issues?

For queries about your neighbourhood, contact your Neighbourhood Officer responsible for Estates below:
Officer Ward 
Anthony Keller Taw, Taw Vale, Upper Yeo, Yeo, Lawrence, Boniface, Newbrooke. 
Ben Wright Sandford and Creedy, Westexe
Shaun Elsley Way, Clare and Shuttern, Castle, Lowman
Maria Oliphant Canonsleigh, Halberton, Cranmore, Cadbury, Silverton, Bradninch
Claire Miles Cullompton South, Cullompton North, Cullompton Outer, Lower Culm, Upper Culm 

For queries about your neighbourhood, contact the Neighbourhood team which has responsibility for estate management by calling 01884 255255 or by emailing:

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