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undefinedA Lifeline alarm provides help at the touch of a button 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The service provides peace of mind to people who feel at risk in their own homes. It gives people the freedom to live their life independently knowing that they can obtain assistance when they need it.

The technology consists of an alarm unit connected to the telephone line and a button to call for assistance if:

  • you have become immobile or incapacitated;
  • your security is being threatened or,
  • you are suffering from a medical emergency.

The alarm is also supplied with a wireless pendant worn around the neck or wrist allowing help to be summoned from anywhere around your house or garden.

Calls for assistance are answered by specially trained staff who will immediately contact family members, friends or neighbours nominated by you for help. In the case of a medical emergency, the appropriate emergency service will also be called.

This service is available to anyone living in Mid Devon. We charge a one off installation fee of £40.00 and £52.00 per quarter thereafter. If you would like us to visit you and show you how the lifeline works, please us the contact us form, or alternatively call us on 01884 255255.

Prerequisites for Lifeline alarms

The Lifeline alarm service is available to everyone in Mid Devon. However, you will need to have a telephone socket with an active landline near a three pin electrical socket.

We also offer additional bespoke packages to assist lifeline users with other needs such as

  • Key safes

  • Big button phones

  • Bogus caller buttons

  • Fall detectors

  • Flood detectors

  • Fashion watch with alarm compatibility

  • Mobile alarm

  • Safe socket

  • Smoke detector

  • Temperature detector

  • Wireless Carbon Monoxide


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