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Procedures, Policies and Strategies

Mid Devon Housing's Procedures, Policies and Strategies can be found on this page. These documents are there to assist tenants and service users understand how MDH will:

  • create sustainable communities
  • manage our neighbourhoods, shared spaces and our homes
  • provide safe and well-maintained homes
  • treat tenants with fairness, courtesy and respect

The Regulator of Social Housing regulates registered providers of social housing to promote a viable, efficient and well-governed social housing sector able to deliver and maintain homes of appropriate quality that meet a range of needs. MDH must comply with the Consumer Standards set out by the Regulator and our policy framework aligns with those requirements. 

To find out more about these Consumer Standards please visit: Here

An Equality Impact Assessment is carried out when each policy is created or reviewed to ensure fairness and equality.  

Requests for alternative formats will be considered on an individual basis. 

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Safety and Quality Standard 

Requires landlords to provide safe and good quality homes and landlord services to tenants.

Aids and Adaptations Policy

Damp & Mould Policy

Homes Safety Policy

Improvements to Council Property Policy

Recharges Policy

Voids Management Policy

Transparency, Influence and Accountability Standard

Requires landlords to be open with tenants and treat them with fairness and respect so that tenants can access services, raise complaints when necessary, influence decision making and hold their landlord to account.

Income Management Policy

Tenant Compensation Policy

Tenant Involvement Policy

Vulnerability Policy

Corporate Complaints and Feedback Policy

Neighbourhood and Community Standard

Requires landlords to engage with other relevant parties so that tenants can live in safe and well-maintained neighbourhoods and feel safe in their homes.

ASB Policy

Car Parking Management Policy

CCTV Policy

Garage, Garage Ground Rent Plot and Car Parking Spaces Policy

Hoarding Policy

Neighbourhood Management Policy

Pets and Animals Policy

Tenancy Standard

Sets requirements for the fair allocation and letting of homes and for how those tenancies are managed and ended by landlords.

Allocations Policy

Decant Policy

Leaseholder Management Policy

Right to Buy Policy

Tenancy Management Policy

Tenancy Inspection Policy


These strategies detail the actions and ambitions that MDH have agreed to deliver a first class service for our tenants and service users.

Housing Strategy 2021-2025

Tenancy Strategy 



We understand that Policy Documents aren't for everyone so we have produced procedure documents for tenants which provide more targeted information for specific scenarios and they also detail tenant responsibilities. These procedures are linked to our agreed policies.

Unacceptable Behaviour Procedure

Mutual Exchange Procedure

Disposal of Possessions Procedure

Antisocial Behaviour Procedure

Fuel Poverty Approach

Decant Procedure

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