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We're committed to providing a high quality, cost-effective, service. Efficient performance management is vital to this by:

  • Improving our accountability to you and measuring our promised standards
  • Demonstrating our successes and improving our performance where needed
  • Providing early warning to counter poor performance
  • Ensuring that we are achieving what we have set out or promised to do
  • Providing evidence for improved decision making
  • Making more efficient use of our resources


In order to assess our performance we attempt to measure our indicators (where possible) to the same standard as others, allowing us to compare our performance with theirs. This is a process called 'benchmarking' and it is the best way for us to determine the areas in which we are succeeding or need to improve. Our benchmarking is undertaken through our membership of HouseMark, with benchmarked data placing us in one of the following four quartiles:

  • Top quartile: This is the top result for performance indicators
  • 2nd quartile: These results are above average but do not excel enough to achieve top quartile, these do not indicate any immediate cause for concern
  • 3rd quartile: These results are below average and indicate an area that is in need of improvement
  • Bottom quartile: This is the lowest quartile and any performance indicator in this category needs attention to help it improve

For information on how we are performing in delivering our service to you, see Council housing performance

Find information on the Council's Annual Housing Reports here.

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