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Does your home suffer with damp and mould?

Please either contact us using our contact us form, call 01884 255255 or email (head your email damp and mould).

Let us know about your experience by completing our damp and mould survey: MDH Damp & Mould Survey | Let's Talk Mid Devon










Fuel poverty assessment: Please complete this survey MDH Damp & Mould Survey | Let's Talk Mid Devon We may need to then contact you to find out more.

Would you like a familiarisation visit to help you understand your heating? Please contact us using our contact us form.

There is often financial support and advice available. Please contact us if you are experiencing financial hardship and this is affecting your ability to maintain your home.

Find what support is available for Mid Devon residents on our website:  Residents' Financial Support - MIDDEVON.GOV.UK

A number of tenants have contacted us expressing concerns after having received calls from unknown numbers stating that they are calling on behalf of the Council, from the ‘Repairs Team’ or the ‘Disrepair Team’. These calls or sometimes social media posts are often made by ‘claims farmers’ working on behalf of ‘no-win-no-fee’ solicitors. If details are provided a disrepair claim is logged and we are hearing numerous reports that tenants are tied into unfavourable terms and are often left to pay significant court costs. One of our tenants was recently caught up in one of these agreements and received a CCJ ordering them to pay MDDC £9750. You can read more here Council Issues Reminder About Cold Callers and No Win No Fee Firms, Following Legal Win ( 

If you would like to report damp and mould, or any other repair, please do contact us directly. If you are dissatisfied with any part of the service you have been provided with we would welcome you to let us know through our complaints process. The Housing Ombudsman Service also offers the opportunity for an independent investigation and can order landlords to pay compensation.



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