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We will pay compensation to you, on request, if we fail to keep repair appointments or do not complete repair work within our published timescales.

  • If we do not keep a morning appointment, but we arrive in the afternoon we will pay you £10 unless we contact you before 9am to cancel the appointment or tell you that we will be arriving later in the day
  • If we do not keep a morning appointment and we do not turn up at all that day we will pay you £20 unless we contact you before 9am to cancel the appointment 
  • If we do not keep an afternoon appointment we will pay you £10 unless we contact you before 1pm to cancel the appointment

Compensation for late repairs (not 'Right to Repair' items)

We will pay you a flat-rate compensation fee of £10, on request, for each Priority 2 or Priority 3 repair that is not completed within two working days after its target completion date.

Compensation will NOT be paid when:

  • bad weather prevents us from completing the repair within the target time 
  • the delivery of parts is causing the delay and is outside our control 
  • you did not keep your appointment to let the contractor in

Compensation for late 'Right to Repairs' items

If we do not complete a qualifying repair within the time allowed, you have the right to tell us to get another contractor to do the work. If they fail to do it within the new time limit you may be entitled to compensation.

If the second contractor doesn't do your repair in time, you will get £10 in compensation. For every extra day you wait, you will get another £2. The most compensation you can get for any one job is £50.

The Council will pay your compensation, unless you already owe us some money. If you do owe us money, we will take away the amount you owe from your compensation.

Sometimes there may be a good reason why a repair can't be done. For example:

  • it may be undertaken as part of our planned works
  • if the repair had been reported incorrectly
  • you were not at home when the workman attended
  • delay on parts
  • adverse weather conditions
  • staff sickness

If you wish to exercise your Right to Repair, contact Repairs and Maintenance on 0800 0232281. Tenant Involvement and Empowerment Standard Policy


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