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What can you do?

Before reporting ASB, you should always try, where appropriate and safe to do so, to speak with your neighbour initially.  Often, they will be unaware that their behaviour is causing a problem.  Having a friendly discussion, without involving a third party can often remedy the situation. 

How you can manage ASB?

If you are made to feel uncomfortable or disturbed by other people's behaviour around your home, where it is safe to do so, you should first try to approach the other party involved and explain to them that their actions are affecting you. 

Sometimes, other people will be unaware that their behaviour is causing distress or a nuisance and therefore giving them an opportunity to remedy the situation may help. 

 Have you thought about using our 'Dear Neighbour' card to highlight an issue with your neighbour? 


The links below will provide you with supporting information on different ways you can deal with ASB:


Community Trigger

Victims of persistent ASB, who do not feel that they have received a satisfactory response to their reports of ASB, have the right to ask for a multi-agency review of their case.  Certain thresholds must be met in order to qualify for a case review.  These ASB reviews are known as the Community Trigger.

The review process is not a complaint's procedure.  If you have a complaint about the handling of your case, you should follow our complaints procedure.

For more information on the Community Trigger, please visit 



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