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Tenants in a block of flats are responsible for keeping all communal areas clean and tidy. In accordance with tenancy conditions, tenants must not:

  • Block or obstruct communal areas
  • Leave any items or articles in communal areas
  • Wedge open any communal doors
  • Fly tip in communal areas
  • Store harmful or explosive materials in properties, gardens and communal areas
  • Misuse the communal area
  • Throw anything or allow anything to fall from any windows, balconies or communal areas
  • Leave refuse or recycling boxes in enclosed communal areas except where designated facilities are provided
  • Tamper with, damage or deface any door entry system, emergency alarm equipment, smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, gas, electric or water supplies or meters, Solar PV Panel Systems, communal aerials or damage any fire doors, escapes or lifts
  • Place hanging baskets or planters in communal areas without permission

We are currently looking at ways to engage with our residents. Opportunities to get involved include:

  • Becoming an Estate Champion, where you gather feedback specifically relating to the area you live in.
  • Attending our Estate Walkabouts with your Neighbourhood Officer once or twice a year and sharing your ideas for improvements in the community.
  • Forming part of a Focus Group where you would have an opportunity to scrutinise performance and make recommendations for improvements to the service.

If you would like to have an informal discussion about the opportunities available to our Residents, please contact us on 01884 255255, or by completing the following form.


Door mats are permitted, providing it is stuck to the floor, it is in good condition, it is of a standard size and is not located at the top of the stairs. A door mat is the only item permitted in a communal hallway/ landing.

A communal area is any area that is not within the confines of the tenant’s property. This will include stairs, stairwells, hallways, landings, common rooms, laundry rooms, boiler rooms, open areas and the entrance to the building.

No, you cannot leave anything in communal areas, except for a doormat. Items which are prohibited but are not limited to are, mobility scooters, buggies/ prams, children’s toys, footwear, items of furniture (including furniture waiting to be disposed of), or any decorative items.

Items will be removed. We will attempt to trace the owner of the items by writing/ contacting tenants. If the owner cannot be traced or we are unsure of the owner, a letter will be given to all tenants of the block of flats advising them that the unclaimed items will be disposed of. Each household will be charged a share of the cost for disposal.

No, you are not responsible for maintenance or repairs to communal areas but it is your responsibility to keep communal areas clean and tidy. We maintain the communal areas and we are responsible for completing repairs, checking fire doors and testing fire alarms. If you would like to report a repair in a communal area please email or call 01884 255255.

Our ‘fire risk in communal areas policy’ is in place to ensure that all internal and external communal areas are kept free from obstructions and/or hazards in order to limit the fire risk; and therefore protect the health and safety of tenants and other users of its buildings.

Please follow the link to view our Fire Risk in Communal Areas Policy.

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