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At MDH, we are dedicated to providing the best service possible, which is why we want to better understand our customers’ needs. This helps us to identify any obstacles tenants may face when accessing our services and allows us to provide effective and supportive solutions. However, we realise that we may not always have the necessary information to do this, which is why we've launched a campaign to enhance our customer records, ensuring that we have the details we need to improve our service. This campaign will run over the course of 2024 and some of 2025. 

What information are we collecting? 

We are collecting information on household, disabilities, support needs, ethnicity and religion. Collecting this data will allow us to support tenants if they have any needs relating to a diversity characteristic. 

How will this information be collected? 

You will receive a letter through the post asking you to complete the survey with a pre paid envelope to return it. If you haven't returned your survey we may send you another one or follow up with a phone call. 

We will process personal information in connection with your tenancy in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and UK GDPR 2020. The Data Protection principles (article 5 of the UK GDPR) sets out how we can use, secure and retain your details. Guidance on access to your data can be found from article 12-20 of the GDPR. 

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