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Once you are registered as a host through the government portal your details will be sent to Mid Devon District Council to arrange a property inspection. A claim form will be emailed to you which, once the guests arrive, should be completed and returned to us at, to allow us to setup payments securely.

Each guest is entitled to a one-off £200 payment.

Your guest will be required to provide either an email address or mobile phone number - there is space on the form to provide this.

They will be sent a Post Office Payout voucher either by email or text, which enables them to collect a one-off payment of £200 as a subsistence payment to help purchase essential food and items. If they have children in the group a further £200 per child will be included if you have completed that section of the form.

Once they have received the voucher simply visit the local Post Office, who will scan the barcode from their mobile device or a printed copy, and give them their funds.

They will be required to bring photographic identification in order to collect the funds. The guest does not need a bank account to collect this payment.

To find your local Post Office branch visit the Post Office Branch Finder.

You are also entitled to a £350 per month ‘thank you’ payment from the government for the first 12 months your guest is in the UK.

This is optional and we realise that not everyone will want to claim this.

The host ‘thank you’ payment will be made monthly directly to your bank account. It will be paid in arrears one month after you notify us of your guests arrival date. It will be paid on or around the same date each month for the length of the scheme or until the guests leave, whichever is sooner.

After your guest has been in the UK for more than 12 months the thankyou payment increases to £500pcm.

Payments will start once all the checks have been passed and your guests have arrived.

If you have any queries please contact us on

Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

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