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Posted On: 30-06-2023
Posted In: Environment

Mid Devon District Council has recently issued a Fixed Penalty Notice in relation to a substantial fly-tipping incident within Mid Devon.

The Council’s Street Scene team was notified of the illegal dumping of waste which had occurred in a layby off the A361 near Bolham. The fly-tip contained various items, mostly made up of car parts and discarded oil which were contaminating the area.

After searching through the items, a name was found affixed to cardboard packaging which allowed the team to track down the individual. The offender was unable to offer any reasonable explanation as to how the fly tipping had occurred, as a result, they were issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) of £400.

Councillor Josh Wright, Cabinet Member for the Environment and Services, said:

“The Council has a zero-tolerance approach to fly-tipping. Incidents like this are a blight on the landscape, and a hazard to local wildlife.
“This sort of thing is not a one-off which is a huge shame. It is important that we take pride and look after our environment to preserve the natural treasures of Mid Devon.”

If you witness someone fly-tipping, or have information regarding a fly-tip, please report this by filling out our online form, or by calling Customer Services on 01884 255 255.

If you need to make arrangements for large amounts of waste to be removed, please ensure that the person who takes control of your waste is licensed to do so. You can check online: