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undefinedIn March 2017, we were re-awarded Charter Status for recognition in achieving best practice providing learning and development opportunities for our Elected Members. Our Elected Member Development programme helps ensure our Elected Members have the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively represent the community.

We had to fulfil the following criteria to achieve the Charter Status:

  1. Being fully committed to developing Elected Members in order to achieve the Council's strategic objectives.
  2. Adopting a Member led strategic approach to Elected Member development.
  3. Having a Member Learning and Development Plan Member Development Policy in place that clearly identifies the difference that development activities will make.
  4. Demonstrating that Member learning and development is effective in building capacity.
  5. Supporting Councillors.

Types of courses/briefings available

  • New Member Induction
  • Finance and Budgets
  • Planning
  • Licensing Act
  • Welfare Reform
  • Housing Issues
  • New Legislation
  • Individual requests
  • IT

Member training evaluation

The Member Development/Training Programme is evaluated twice a year and the findings reported to the Scrutiny Committee. The report looks at attendance, feedback reports and the training budget.

The cross party Member Development Group meets approximately three times a year to support the work of officers and discuss Member development activities.

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