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The primary objective of Internal Audit is to independently review, appraise and provide assurance upon the control environment, making sure that controls are mitigating the Council from increased risk exposure.

In order to meet our objectives, Internal Audit will:

  • Provide a high quality, effective internal audit service that meets the Council's needs
  • Maintain a Strategy for delivering the Internal Audit service to meet our Terms of Reference
  • Support and help embed corporate governance, effective internal controls, risk and business continuity management throughout the Council
  • Prepare and deliver a risk-based four-year audit plan, taking account of the Council's risk management processes - the plan will be kept under regular review to reflect changing priorities and emerging risks
  • Lead or advise, as appropriate, investigations into allegations of fraud, corruption and irregularity in accordance with Council procedures
  • Report on each assignment assessing the adequacy of the system of internal control under examination, making recommendations to improve control and, where appropriate, improve performance
  • Provide an annual report, including a statement based on the work undertaken, on the adequacy of internal control within the Council. This also informs the Council's annual Governance Statement
  • Ensure an effective and efficient service is provided to the Council through performance management, monitoring, benchmarking and continuous improvement
  • Maintain and develop the competence and skills of audit staff including appropriate professional development

Our roles and responsibilities are to:

  • Review and assess the soundness, adequacy, effectiveness and reliability of financial and performance management systems
  • Review and assess the efficiency and effectiveness of internal control arrangements and working practices and make recommendations to improve these where appropriate
  • Review and assess the adequacy of procedures to ensure the Council's assets and interests are adequately protected and risks are identified and effectively managed
  • Check for compliance with legislation and the Council's integrity and ethical standards, policies and procedures
  • Promote and assist the Council in the effective use of resources
  • Undertake independent investigations into allegations of fraud and irregularity in accordance with relevant legislation and the Council policies and procedures

At all times, Internal Audit will comply with:

  • Professional standards (including International Standards on Auditing (UK and Ireland))
  • CIPFA Code of Practice for Internal Audit in Local Government England and Wales 2006
  • Internal Audit manual operating procedures
  • The Council's Constitution
  • Local Government Act 1972 and the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2004
  • Auditing Practices Board (APB) Ethical Standards (revised April 2008)

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