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On the back of the vehicle there will be a licence plate on display, like the two pictured below. If there is not a plate like these on the vehicle then it does not have a licence with Mid Devon District Council. The vehicle may be licensed by another authority, but it is important to remember that if there is no identifiable plate at all, then it may not be licensed.

Mid Devon District Council plates show the licence number, expiry date of the licence, the vehicle registration number and its make and model. They also show how many passengers the vehicle is licensed to carry. All Mid Devon District Council plates will have the Mid Devon District Council logo and a valid hologram.

Hackney Carriage Plate

Private Hire Plate

Yes, if your driver has a badge like this (below) which has a picture of them displayed both in the vehicle and on their person, where it can be clearly seen. This means they are licensed by Mid Devon District Council.

Before issuing a licence, Mid Devon District Council carries out the following:

  • Enhanced Criminal record Check (DBS)
  • Certificate of Good conduct check if resided outside of UK for more than 6 months
  • Valid Medical certificate checks (to Group 2 standard)
  • Driving licence endorsement check
  • Resident check
  • Practical driving test
  • Driver Suitability Assessment (including communication skills and local knowledge test).

Below is an example of one of our combined badges (both Hackney Carriage & Private Hire). The badges must display a valid hologram and will also have a picture of the licensed driver, their name, licence number and the expiry date of the licence.

Driver Badge

Many people refer to both types of vehicles as ‘taxis’ but, strictly speaking, a ‘taxi’ refers to a Hackney Carriage, and this is different to a Private Hire vehicle. The main differences are listed below:

Private Hire Vehicles:

  • Must be pre-booked otherwise they have no insurance and that is illegal
  • You call the operator to arrange a vehicle for your journey
  • Operators regulate the fare prices and these are agreed before the journey with the customer
  • Operators must keep records of bookings
  • The Operator allocates work to drivers
  • Private Hire vehicles licensed with Mid Devon District Council have a GREEN plate on the rear and a GREEN internal licence on display in the front windscreen (picture below).

Private Hire Internal Plate
Display a roof sign stating ‘taxi’Hackney Carriages Vehicles:

  • No pre booking necessary (but can be pre-booked)
  • Display a tariff card for passengers to see
  • Do not need to maintain records of work
  • Can wait at ranks and be flagged down for immediate hire
  • Have taximeters installed that measure the mileage and charges are set to the Mid Devon tariff
  • If a journey is solely within Mid Devon, the taximeter will show the maximum amount that can be charged. If the journey goes outside of Mid Devon, a fare can be pre-agreed.
  • Hackney Carriages licensed with Mid Devon District Council have a BLACK plate on the rear.

No, the driver must comply with the law. Please take the vehicle registration details and badge number of driver and inform the Council. 


The driver must allow the assistance dog in the vehicle at no extra charge. Your dog should always be able to sit next to you during your journey. If you have experienced a driver who has refused to allow the assistance dog into the vehicle or have been charged extra due to having the dog, please contact the Council who will investigate the matter fully.

Only drivers with an exemption certificate issued by Mid Devon District Council can refuse to take an assistance dog. These exemptions are issued on medical grounds (i.e. an allergy to dogs).

No. Drivers are not permitted to make an extra charge for carrying a wheelchair.

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