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Free Electric Vehicle (EV) training courses for hackney and private hire drivers

We would like to inform you that there is currently some free EV training courses for Hackney and Private Hire drivers in Mid Devon. This free course is at 10am on Tuesday 1st February is funded by the Department for Transport and includes:

  • A one-hour online training course delivered via Zoom, covering all the key issues such as EV range, costs and recharging.
  • On-road test drives of EVs suitable for taxi or private hire work. These will be held locally the week following the Zoom training.

The aim is to help taxi and private hire drivers improve their knowledge of EVs and demonstrate the real financial and operational benefits that EVs can bring.

Each training course has a maximum of 15 attendees, and we encourage plenty of questions and discussion. The courses cover the following topics:

  • What is driving the global surge in EV sales?
  • EV models currently available including their sizes, functionality and realistic driving ranges
  • Recharging: How, where and what does it cost?
  • EV purchase and running costs
  • How to drive EVs efficiently to maximise range
  • FAQs including:
    • Do EV’s really save CO2?
    • Will the National Grid cope?
    • How long will lithium reserve last?
    • Do the batteries degrade?

Most of the training courses have a geographical location, which enables them to deliver the test-drive element locally.

For more information or to reserve your free place, please email

Can we also take this opportunity to advise you that we will no longer be communicating information to you via letter and that going forward this will be done using an email subscription service ‘Green Light’ e-bulletins’. We would advise that you sign up to this service as a way of receiving important and relevant information.

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