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Posted On: 17-10-2023
Posted In: Community

This National Recycling Week, Mid Devon District Council is growing its recycling service.

Mid Devon’s three-weekly collection scheme, Bin It 123, which was implemented in October 2022, has seen improvements to the district’s recycling rates of 9% and a reduction in residual waste of 200 tonnes collected compared to the same period last year. This in turn has led to a reduction in the Council’s carbon footprint.

The Council is now advertising vacancies for Recycling Officers in an effort to make further improvements. Officers will join a team with a focus to educate residents on how they can best dispose of their waste and recycling, offering advice through home visits. If you’re passionate about the environment and interested in joining the team, please see more information about the vacancies on the Council’s website

The Council has also recently announced that additional side waste will be enforced, and subsequently no longer collected in Mid Devon from 1 October 2023. These changes seek to address areas identified for improvement as the Council aims to achieve a 60% recycling rate by 2025.

Councillor Josh Wright, Cabinet Member for Environment and Services, said:

“As part of our climate ambitions, we remain committed to driving positive change. We’re proud of the work that has been carried out since the scheme’s inception in order to achieve these results. It’s important that we continue to look ahead and build on this to provide a sustainable future for our community.”

If you have a question you want answered about Bin-It 123 please visit the Council’s website, contact us via email at, or give us a call on 01884 255 255.