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You can apply for Council Tax Reduction if you are aged 18 or over and you own or rent your home and whether you're unemployed or working.

The most you can get is a 100% reduction if you are a pensioner or up to 85% if you're of working age.

New Council Tax Reduction Scheme

From the 1st April 2020 the Council Tax Reduction scheme has changed for working age people only as the Government has set the rules we must use to calculate Council Tax Reduction for those who have reached pension age.

Following a 12 week consultation between July and September 2019 and having considered the responses and assessed the impact of the proposed changes we have approved a new local income banded scheme to replace the ‘means tested’ approach.  The change to the scheme will make it easier to understand and reduce the number of adjustments to Council Tax Reduction awards that result from monthly changes in payments for customers who receive Universal Credit.  

Under the new scheme we will be looking at the household and the income of the applicant and any partner to determine the level of reduction.  Some incomes are ignored such as Child Benefit, and all disability benefits.

  • Changes in the household income may not result in a change to the amount of Council Tax Reduction awarded if the new income is still within the same income band
  • Changes in the household composition, even if the income doesn’t change, may result in a change to the amount of Council Tax Reduction awarded if the change moves the household into a different group.

CTR discount

Passported benefit in payment (IS/JSAI/ESAI)

Single person with weekly income of

Couple with weekly income of

Family (single or couple) with 1 child weekly income

Family (single or couple) with 2 + children weekly income



£0 - £75

£0 - £120

£0 - £200

£0 - £260



£75.01 - £120

£120.01 - £160

£200.01 - £250

£260.01 - £310



£120.01 - £170

£160.01 - £210

£250.01 - £300

£310.01 - £360



£170.01 - £220

£210.01 - £260

£300.01 - £350

£360.01 - £410

Key features of the new scheme

  • Those who are in receipt of a ‘passported’ benefit (Job Seekers Allowance income based, Employment and Support Allowance income based or Income Support) and those in the lowest income band will now have the maximum 85% Council Tax Reduction
  • Anyone with savings or capital over £6,000 will not qualify for Council Tax Reduction
  • There will be no deductions for any non-dependants living in the property
  • All households that have earned income will have £25 disregarded off the weekly net income
  • A £50 per week disregard will be awarded if someone in the household (claimant, partner or dependent child) gets DLA or PIP .
  • Income from Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payments, Armed Forces Independence Payments, Child Benefit, Child Maintenance, War Disablement Benefit, War Widow/er Pension, Carers Allowance and the Support Component of Employment and Support Allowance will be disregarded in full as income
  • The four week extended payment period (EPP) will no longer exist.
  • All changes in circumstances which affect entitlement to Council Tax Reduction will take effect from the date they occur, rather than the Monday following.
  • There will be no backdating limit as long as ‘good cause’ can be shown.

There may be other Council Tax exemptions and discounts that you may be eligible to apply for.

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