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Breakdown of 2024/25 charge

The full amount of Council tax you pay consists of five individual charges known as ‘precepts’ from five separate authorities:

  • Mid Devon District Council
  • Devon County Council
  • Devon & Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner
  • Devon and & Somerset Fire and Rescue Authority
  • Your local Town or Parish Council.

Every £1 of Council Tax you pay is split in the following way for services delivered by the above Council’s:

Council Tax breakdown: 9.7% Mid Devon District Council, 11.4% Police and Crime, 4.1% Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue, 3.4% Town and Parish Councils, 71.4% Devon County Council

The figure for Town and Parish Councils is an average. What you pay will depend on your own Town or Parish Council’s precept. The following table shows the total amount charged by each authority and the average cost to a Band D Council Tax payer:


Precept Average Band ‘D’ charge * Increase (%)

Devon County Council

(Includes 1.99% for Adult Social Care)

£1,715.67 4.99
Devon & Cornwall Police Crime Commissioner £274.50 4.95
Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue £99.68 2.99
Mid Devon District Council £232.16 3.00
Town and Parish Councils (Average) £82.16 6.09
Total £2,404.17 4.74

*On the council tax bill the increase is rounded to 1 decimal place.


Although Mid Devon District Council has increased our share of Council Tax by 2.99% for 2024/25, our overall proportion has decreased from 9.8% in 2023/24 to 9.7% for 2024/25 due to larger rises in other authorities. A Band D property will be required to pay £232.16.



Proportion paid of Band D


6/9ths (two-thirds of the full charge)






9/9ths (the full charge)








18/9ths (twice the full charge)

How does this compare to last year?

The following chart shows how our gross spending plans for 2024/25 compare to 2023/24:

Spending plans 2024/25 58.7m Total gross Budget. Breakdown (All figures are gross): Housing £29880000, Transport £991000, Environment £9425000, Planning £4973000, Recreation and tourism £6798000, Other £4118000, Parish Precepts £2483000

Mid Devon District Council – 2024/25 Budget Overview

The 2024/25 Budget is the culmination of a huge amount of collaborative work over the past year and setting the Council Tax is the final piece of the jigsaw. It can be considered the most financially challenging budget setting process we have had, dealing with both the 2023/24 financial position along with the Cost-of-Living Crisis and continued lack of funding from Government.

A degree of stability has returned to the economy that has enabled the council’s finances to recover and be managed in a more proactive manner. Energy prices are falling back towards previous levels and demand for services such as leisure and car parking have returned to pre-covid-19 levels which improves our income. However, the housing market has fallen away which impacts planning and building control applications, and recyclate prices have reduced lowering income in these areas. High interest rates have also yielded greater returns on investments, while wage growth remains high.

During 2023/24 we have invested in new social housing, with the first of many new net zero developments being finalised in Tiverton and Cullompton. This investment will increase in 2024/25 and future years as we deliver significant growth in social housing across the district providing high quality housing that can be an exemplar of modern living.

The successful roll out of Bin-It-123 has further helped our carbon reduction and increased recycling rates. Unfortunately though, we have been rejected in our Levelling-Up bids to unlock economic growth for a third time leaving key infrastructure projects hanging in the balance.

Nationally, the way local councils are funded remains a challenge. The long overdue review of funding mechanisms, known as the Fair Funding Review, initially promised in 2016, has now been delayed into the next Parliament. With an accrued loss of around c.£5m in Government funding since 2010 and continued additional requirements placed upon us, maintaining service levels in 2024/25 has been a significant achievement.

As the sector is still only given clarity over its funding level for one year, making planning for future service delivery is practically impossible. However, the Council remains in a strong financial position due to a good track record of robust financial management, effective budget management, the achievement of planned cost reductions/efficiencies and healthy levels of reserves.

Town and Parish Council precepts

Below is a list of this year's charges. To find out how much you will pay, find the Parish that you live in the left column and the band that your property is in along the top row. The amount shown is the full charge for the financial year 2024/25 which includes all five authority’s charges added together.

Full list of this year's charges

Parish precepts 2024/25

Budgets for organisations with expenditure over £140,000

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