We're changing the ways you can pay

Our Customer Service staff at Phoenix House, Tiverton will cease processing over-the-counter payments from December 2018.
If you visit our office to make regular payments for council services such as housing rent, council tax, business rates, etc., see ourĀ We're changing the ways you can pay page to find out how to continue making payments in person.

Council Tax

Paying your Council Tax

Choose the method of payment that suits you best

Charges and bands

The amount of Council Tax that you have to pay is determined by the 'banding' that's allocated to your property

Discounts and exemptions

If you think you may be eligible for any reductions please contact us to apply

Problems paying Council Tax?

We may be able to come to a payment arrangement that you will find easier to budget for

Who pays Council Tax?

The law defines who is responsible for paying the Council Tax of any property

Appealing your Council Tax Band

If you disagree with the band that has been applied to your property you may appeal to the Valuation Officer at the Inland Revenue

Charges for 2018/19

Find out how much Council Tax you'll pay for 2018/19, and how it's divided and spent between the Devon Authorities

Council Tax Reduction

Find out about reductions to Council Tax including exemptions and discounts

Change of address

If you're moving please let us know by using our online form