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Due to increasing pressures on our budget and the need to prioritise how we spend council taxpayers' money, we are no longer able to provide sandbags for flood protection. Householders are encouraged to think ahead about how best to protect their property in the event of flooding and to make suitable arrangements.

We continue to work with Devon County Council Flood Risk Management team and the Environment Agency to support local communities at risk, in some cases possibly with help from their local Town & Parish Councils.

Advice and information

Sandbags are not necessarily the best way to protect your property from flooding; they're heavy, they can leak and rot. Wooden boards whether purchased or homemade, offer more effective protection. An internet search on 'flood boards' or 'home flood defence products' will return details of suppliers providing products designed to protect your property.

Be aware that water can enter your property not only through the front door, but also via air bricks, drains and service ducts.

The following documents published by the Environment Agency also provide useful advice:

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