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What you need to know

We will remove dead animals from the public highway. This service is offered free-of-charge and animals are usually picked up within 24 hours. We check domestic animals for a microchip once they have been collected and contact the owner if a microchip is found. If a microchip is not found we keep a brief description of the animal and the location it was collected from.

Collection of dead animals (for example, foxes, badgers, deer, dogs and cats) found on public highways, verges or other public land.  We do not collect from private land. 


What we need

The road name and directions to the problem and a description of what the problem is. You can also locate the issue on a map and upload a photo if you want to.

Other ways to Apply

Online is the best way to apply as you can update your details or view the status of the active service.

Alternatively you can contact our customer services team on 01884 255255.


Please note- Dead animals on national speed limit roads need to be reported to Devon County Council via their website Where a dead animal is obstructing a highway and poses a risk to other motorists please report to the Police in the first instance.

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