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If a vehicle is suspected of being abandoned, we will investigate to see if action can be taken, offences are considered under the Refuse and Disposal Amenity Act 1978. Checks will be made including enquiries to DVLA and other agencies and, if necessary, a site visit will be done to inspect the vehicle.

Before reporting an abandoned vehicle please check whether the vehicle is taxed.

Anyone wishing to make a report, should provide their full details as well as the vehicle make, model, registration number, colour and location as well as a reason why they think it is abandoned. Please either contact us or use our online form to Report an abandoned vehicle.

It is a vehicle owner's responsibility to dispose of their vehicle properly but if we decide to take action, a notice will be placed on the vehicle and a letter sent to the registered keepers address if possible. When the notice expires the vehicle will usually be removed and destroyed. Following this we can fine the owner and claim costs incurred.

The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) can also take action against suspicious vehicles, see GOV.UK - Check if a vehicle is taxed. Vehicles subject to SORN must be stored on private property where they have permission of the landowner.

A change in legislation means that from the 1 October 2014 it is no longer a requirement to display a tax disc.

Obstruction of the highway is dealt with by the Police under the Road Traffic Act.

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