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How can join or setup a Community litter pick?

A community litter pick is a great way to show that you care about your local environment; it also highlights to others that littering is not acceptable.

If you’re interested in community litter picks, you could join an existing group or start one yourself. Please contact us for a Volunteer Litter Pick Pack. The pack contains all the information you need together with information on insurance and risk assessments.

Can I borrow any equipment and where can I leave the collected litter?

We’re dedicated to supporting the action of litter picking groups. If you decide to organise a litter pick, you can contact us to agree a suitable location to leave the collected litter for us to pick up. We’ll also provide you with litter picking equipment (on a first come first served basis) and collection sacks.

Please Remember Safety first!

Whilst we appreciate your help, you should always put the safety of yourself and members of your group first by reading the following advice:

  • Don’t enter potentially dangerous areas in order to remove litter
  • Don’t attempt to remove any large, heavy or potentially hazardous waste
  • Call us if you find something which you feel could be dangerous for you to move on your own
  • Wear protective clothing and special gloves
  • Be particularly careful when handling broken glass or sharp metal objects
  • Children should always be supervised by an adult
  • Ensure that everybody washes their hands and avoids touching their face or mouth during and after the litter pick
  • If you find any medical waste such as needles, avoid it completely and contact us

To find out more

Please contact us for further details, or call our Street Scene team via 01884 255255, or email

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